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Ragdoll kittens are born white and their colors deepen as they age. There are numerous colors that the bicolor ragdoll can come in: seal, flame, blue, and tortie. They can come in the lynx or non lynx pattern. The seal bicolor has colors that range from dark beige to chocolate brown. The points are the darkest part with the color getting. SEAL BICOLOUR RAGDOLL . SEAL (POINT COLOUR) This term refers to the main colour of your Ragdoll. Seal Ragdolls have points (ears, face,legs and tails) that are deep seal brown, the richness and spread of the seal colour comes in very slowly until full maturity. Coat colour is usually mature at about 2 years

The seal point pattern for ragdoll cats. I have two cats. They are both of the seal point ragdoll variety. In fact, I guess you could argue that they are a mix of seal mitted and seal point, but they are missing some key elements to be seal mitted ragdolls.. The seal point is the most popular colour of ragdoll and personally I think the most stunning Joule is a seal bicolor male ragdoll kitten that we adopted from chattery. This Video was filmed on the first day he came home. He was 12 weeks at that time... Soulmates American Dream, a.k.a Bandit is a seal bicolor Ragdoll. Henry Brighton-Sterling, Seal Bicolor, loved by Chalon Colin in the Grass - Photo by Robin Desantis Zander at 9 weeks old and Zander Today loved by Deanna Downs Silly 10-year-old Seal Bi-color Ragdoll Zoe can still flatten her hips like a kitten SEAL TORTIE LYNX (SEAL TORBIE) - RAG f 21 (seal tortie lynx colorpoint), RAG f 04 21 (seal tortie lynx mitted), RAG f 03 21 (seal tortie lynx bicolor) Body cream or pale fawn, shading to lighter color on stomach and chest. Body shading may take form of ghost striping or ticking and/or cream mottling Scarlett- Seal tortie sepia bicolor Ragdoll: Solid Ragdolls . Honey Bear- Chocolate solid Ragdoll: Sugar Bear- Lilac solid Ragdoll: Traditional pointed ragdolls for sale, Mink Ragdolls, White Ragdolls, Sepia Ragdolls for sale : Back to To

Ragdoll má tři základní variety: COLORPOINT, MITTED a BICOLOR. Každá varieta se může vyskytovat ve všech barvách. V následujícím přehledu se vám pokusíme přiblížit možné barvy a variety na obrázku stejné kočky, abyste si mohli dobře všimnout rozdílů. Jedná se pouze o zjednodušený obrázek, kde jsou snadno rozeznatelné odznaky, v reálu i u stejné.. Ragdoll Bicolor. The bicolor (the term is Italian) is the first variety to be recognized by the feline associations, thanks to its uniqueness in view of the races. Bicolor varieties include 4 different genetic types: the true bicolor, the High Mitted, the Mid High White and High White also called Van The Bicolor Ragdoll Pattern. Points: ears, mask and tail have well defined color. Mask has an inverted white V with a pink nose. Chest, stomach, all four legs, feet and ruff are white. Body color is a shade lighter than the points

Nabízím k prodeji koťátka ragdoll s pp, jednoho kocourka v barvě blue colorpoint a kočičku v barvě seal bicolor. Koťátka jsou narozena 13.6.2020, v současné době jsou již vykastrovaní, řádně odčervení a naočkovaní, dokonale socializovaní, s identifikačním mikročipem Bicolor is when the Ragdoll has both the Bitted pattern AND a V-shaped patch of white on the face. The 6 Ragdoll Point Colors. Regardless of the patterning, there are six main colors that a Ragdoll can be: Seal. This classic Ragdoll color looks very much like that of a Siamese cat; the body of the cat is cream colored and the points are a dark.

The Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Ragdoll Cat Colors and Pattern

Jun 29, 2016 - A board of the third Ragdoll pattern; Bicolor. Nico was a Blue Bicolor. See more ideas about Ragdoll, Ragdoll cat, Beautiful cats Ragdoll kittens for sale. Traditional blue, seal, lilac, and mink ragdoll kittens for sale. Bicolor ragdoll kittens for sale. Ragdoll breeder in Virginia, Ragdoll kittens for sale near North Carolina, Ragdoll kittens for sale near Tennessee, Ragdoll kittens for sale near West Virginia, Ragdoll kittens for sale near South Carolina, Ragdoll kittens for sale near Georgia

Nabízím k prodeji koťátka ragdoll s pp, jednoho kocourka v barvě blue colorpoint a kočičku v barvě seal bicolor. Koťátka jsou narozena 13.6.2020, v současné době jsou již vykastrovaní, řádně odčervení a naočkovaní, dokonale socializovaní, s identifikačním mikročipem. Linie rodičů jsou testovány na d. Chocolate Ragdoll, Chocolate cat, Chocolate bicolor ragdoll, chocolate kitten, Ragdoll Cats, Ragdoll Kittens breeder Ontario. Ragdoll Cat for sale, Ragdoll Kittens for sale- Kingston Ontario. Canada & USA Ragdoll cat breeder cattery. I thought he was seal but he just didn't have the right body or tail color Seal Bicolor Female (left) - Show . Seal Mitted Male (right)- Show (Faye) Seal Bicolor Male - Show . Seal Mitted Female - Show (Rhonda) The cat kitten then has another well mannered ragdoll to show the new kitten the ropes ,and also teaches the kitten everything there is to know about becoming a well adjusted ragdoll

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Mixing Ragdoll Patterns & Coats. Here's where things can get a little confusing. For example, you can have a chocolate mitted lynx Ragdoll or a seal bicolour lynx. This is when your cat demonstrates both types of coat pattern. Patterns like colourpoint and mitted focus on the accent points of your Ragdoll like the ears, paws, face and tail The coat patterns of the Ragdolls are: colorpoint, mitted, bicolor & lynx (tabby markings in one of the three previous patterns). The varying patterns may be bred in the above colors. Seal Ragdoll Seal Bicolor. NaorahDolls Puma. Chatandolls Aum x Bluegrarags Southern Starkissed. Ragdoll Seal Bicolor. Bluegrarags American Legend. RaggleDazzle Eclipse x NaorahDolls Atenea. Ragdoll Seal Mitted. NaorahDolls Liam. Bluegrasrags Southern Bluski x HeartnSoul Sadie. Ragdoll Blue Mitted <p>First, there is Grandma Cat (GC) and she is 24 years old. I love his mink coloring with those aqua eyes! This trait has been past down through the generations and is what they are known for now. Mink vs. Enter your details below to get it. Traditional Ragdoll kittens are born white. Many ragdolls have different looking points, but the consistency of the pattern is that all the points have. Seal Tortie Point Bicolor Female. BEST of the BEST NBC in every show she was entered including the 1998 3 Day Ragdoll Congress in New Jersey. Many thanks to Rosemary Howarth for a fine job! Villaroyal Breeds Ragdoll Cats and Kittens in the following Patterns and Colors

Welcome to Ragdoll Kids. Mother is a Blue Mitted, father is a seal BiColor. Mother and father are tested as HCM negative. Contact me for additional info and pricing. Thanks for your consideration!! Posted on September 8, 2019 September 10, 2019 Jefferson - Seal BiColor Male - Looking for his forever family!! Sorry - he is sold Mink Ragdoll kittens are born with color. Traditional Ragdoll kittens are born white. The point color of the mink is much richer and darker than the point color of the traditional Ragdoll. But Minks still come in all the standard colors of seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, cream, tortie and blue/cream We raise beautiful, sweet tempered Ragdoll Cats in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We have been working with our genetics for 15 years, have shipped worldwide, and are proud of the health, temperament, and beauty of our cats and kittens. Sunbear, a Seal Bicolor kitten. Hooch, a regal seal mitted. / Previous Next Minks: could be bi-colors or Points in Seal or Blue and could have eigther or both, Lynx and Mitted Markings. Solid color Ragdolls such as, White Blue Eyes: White Ragdolls are of stunning beauty and they have the traditional blue eyes of the Ragdoll breed

Seal Point Ragdoll Cats - Mitted, Colorpoint, lynx and Bicolor

Ragdoll kitten first day home: Three month! Seal bicolor

  1. k bicolor ragdoll. November 3, 2020 0 Comments. In fact, I guess you could argue that they are a mix of seal mitted and seal point, but they are missing some key elements to be seal mitted ragdolls. thanks for sharing his story. It follows the hottest and coldest spots on the cat. Wishing you all a lifetime of love, health and fun
  2. k pattern the eyes are almost always an aqua-green color. The blue-eyed white is a solid white Ragdoll with the traditional blue eyes. Below are photo examples of the many colors and patterns of the Ragdoll breed
  3. OUR BEAUTIFUL Male Seal bicolor Bandit Princess Lucy and King Louie 1st and 2nd BEST RAGDOLL KITTEN at TICA CAT SHOW in 2019 LAS VEGAS LoLA'S GRANDFATHER Gizmo from the Famous Amorusangels cattery, was a Supreme GRAND Champion Highest Award a cat can get
  4. Nov 26, 2020 - All things Ragdoll cats including Ragdoll cats blue, Ragdoll cats seal point, Ragdoll cats blue eyes, cute Ragdoll cats, beautiful Ragdoll cat, beautiful cats Ragdoll, Ragdoll cat colors, Ragdoll cat names, Ragdoll cat behavior, and Ragdoll cat tips. See more ideas about ragdoll cat, ragdoll cat colors, ragdoll

LE RAGDOLL en quelques mots C'est un chat puissant à poil mi-long Il atteint sa taille adulte vers l'âge de 4 ans Il appartient à un standard sépcifique où son pelage peut se décliner en 3 variétés : la variété bicolore, la variété mitted et la variété colourpoint Fur-Real RAGDOLL KITTENS FOR SALE in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA serving Sacramento, San Francisco, Bay Area and Nevada! Please call for additional information about our Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens 415-586-1970 or 209-763-5351 ragdolls@furrealragdolls.com . The Lord watches over all who love himPsalms 145:2 Ragdoll cats are gentle and intelligent and tend to get along with everyone. Their semi long coat is plush and silky, and requires minimal grooming to keep it looking its best. In all, Ragdolls are well behaved, easy on the eye and easy to care for - the perfect cat for a rural, quite home or a modern, busy lifestyle

Seal Point Ragdoll Cats: Mitted, Colorpoint, Bicolor, Lynx

  1. Dit zijn de algemene kenmerken van een ragdoll, en zoals in elk kattenras geldt dit niet altijd voor elke ragdoll ! Bleu Bicolor. Seal point Bleu Point Seal point : de lichaamskleur kan variëren van fawn tot warm bruin. Het neusleertje en de voetzooltjes zijn donker bruin. Blue point : de lichaamskleur is ivory
  2. Röd bicolor ragdoll The Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Cat - Description and Photo . The Seal Bicolor Ragdoll sports a striking pattern of both dark and light coloring. Seal = The coloring of the cat (dark brown markings) Bicolor = The pattern of the markings. They have the seal coloring (dark brown) on their ears, the tail and part of the face
  3. Ragdolls come in a variety of colors and patterns, including overlays. Common colors include seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac. The three patterns are colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor. The three overlays are lynx, tortie, and torbie
  4. RAGDOLL kotě prodej Ragdoll koťata -CAMAEL.CZ -mail mobil Ragdoll Koťata k odběru ARTUSCH narozen 5.5.2013 SEAL BICOLOR Rag n 03 prodaný. Ragdoll kotě - hadrová panenka. Artuschek je velký statný kocourek, největší z celého vrhu

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  1. ragdoll chovná stanice, ragdoll olomouc, hadrová panenka, kočky, felinoterapie, kocour, mitted, colorpoint, bicolor, blue, seal
  2. Female Seal Lynx Ragdoll Bought her for my mom but there was a change in plans Located in Indianapolis but willing to ship or travel -About 3... by eddyprado - Indianapolis, Indiana - - 15 hours ago Ragdoll/siamese kittens - $650. 4 males 2 females ready to leave, parents on sight please message me at (574) 301-1733 for more info #2 and #4 are.
  3. From left to right, a chocolate point Birman, a seal point Birman and a seal bicolor Ragdoll from @ladylolathecat. Size. The Ragdoll is a large and slow to mature cat. An adult male can weigh 6 to 9 kg (12 to 20 pounds) and the females can weigh around 4 to 6kg (8 to 15 pounds)
  4. Ragdoll jsou uznané ve třech typech (mitted, colorpoint a bicolor) a šesti základních barvách srsti (red, creme, seal, chocolate, blue, lilac). Jsou přípustné i varianty želvovinové (tortie) a s kresbou (tabby). Kočky typu colorpoint musí mít nohy, uši, ocas i masku sladěné s trupem
  5. k bicolor ragdoll meisjes kitten wanneer u nestje verwacht of heb stuur mij een berichtje. Zie omschrijving 25 nov. '20. Steenbergen 25 nov. '20. oerlemans Steenbergen. Ragdoll Kitten gezocht. Onze lieve misty is na 15 jaar alsnog te vroeg van ons heen gegaan. Omdat we nog een kleine poes hebben die nu alle dagen verdrie
  6. Rasbeschrijving van de Ragdoll . De Ragdoll is rond 1965 ontstaan in Amerika. Daar leefde Ann Baker, een katten fokster in hart en nieren. Ann's buren hadden een witte Angora Pers met de welluidende naam Josephine. Deze Josephine kreeg regelmatig kittens waar niets bijzonders aan te zien was
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  1. Ragdoll cats come in 3 main patterns: these are colourpoint, bicolor and mitted. Pointed - A point has no white markings on the body. The pointed body parts - tail, face, ears, nose and feet - all have the same colour and the body is a lighter shade than the point colour
  2. Emily is a beautiful Seal Bicolor Mink Female Ragdoll kitten that was born on 9/6/2020. Her mother is Baby Girl and her father is Ozzie. Shipping Is Available! Emily can be picked up or can be shipped or hand delivered to your home anywhere in the United States. Forrest - Ragdoll Kitten
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  4. De eerste jaren kwamen de point Ragdolls alleen voor in SEAL. Inmiddels is bekend dat Ann Baker in het diepste geheim een uitkruis programma had met Balinezen. Dat zou een reden kunnen zijn waarom er vanuit de oude (IRCA) lijnen een paar choclate Ragdolls aanwezig zijn. Maar houd in gedachten dat er heel lang (lichtgekleurde) seal Ragdolls als choclate Ragdolls verkocht zijn

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Ragdoll se uznává v barvách: seal - černohnědá seal bicolor (černohnědý bicolor) - naše odchovankyně BASTET blue bicolor (modrý bicolor) - náš Hawkey. red bicolor (červený bicolor)-náš odchovanec ADONIS. cream bicolor (krémový bicolor) - náš odchovanec APOLLON Our ragdolls are the colors: Seal, Blue, Red and Cream with and without lynx. We breed the patterns: Colorpoint, Mitted, Bicolor. Quality ragdoll kittens to start, raised in a healthy home environment to become exceptional loving members of your family. Ragdoll kittens and ragdoll cats for sale in MN Ragdolls of Eulalie. Datum narození: 2020-06-28 Pohlaví: kocour Chovatel: Eva Beckertová, EULALIE Barva: seal bicolor Krevní skupina: Charakter Ragdoll se vyskytuje ve třech varietách: (mitted, colorpoint a bicolor) a. A šesti základních barvách srsti: (red, creme, seal, chocolate, blue, lilac) Jsou přípustné i varianty želvovinové (tortie) a s kresbou (tabby). Kočky typu colorpoint musí mít nohy, uši, ocas i masku sladěné s trupem

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Ragdoll Cats and Kittnes - cat breeder - Wisconsin - all colors and patterns availabl 17.04.2018 - Neesha Diocee hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest Lilac point is a pink-ish beige color, and is the dilute of Chocolate point. Blue Bicolor Ragdoll cats/kittens in Florida, Seal bicolor Ragdoll cats/kittens in Florida Seal Point Mitted Mink ===== FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO E MAIL ME AT STCLOUD.RAGDOLLS@YAHOO.COM. When looking at show quality, there are two ideal marking patterns: Minimal white and maximum white. This. Sample pictures of Ragdoll Cat available Colors and Patterns. Samples of traditional Ragdolls, Mink Ragdolls, Sepia Ragdolls, and Solid Ragdolls (877) 826-512 Ragdoll kittens for sale in Bend, Oregon . We invite you to visit our Cattery. The potential colors we have or plan to are Blue, Seal, Chocolate, and Lilac. Potential patterns are Bicolor, Mitted, Point, and any color or pattern can be Lynx with some of our babies. Our beautiful Ragdoll cats are given lots of attention

We breed kittens in all three Ragdoll patterns: Colorpoint, mitted and bicolor. We also breed the traditional colors: Seal and blue as well as red, creme, tortie and lynx. All our breeders are HCM and PKD tested with result: NEGATIVE. We are breeding in Fife, our prefix is Seierø. We are members of the Danish Ragdoll Club You can have Blue Minks, Blue Sepias, Seal Mink, Seal Sepias, Blue Traditional and Seal Traditional. They come in all three patterns: Color Point, Mitted & Bicolor. Any color pattern can have Lynx (stripes) Minks and Sepias are rare and with that comes a higher price. Their coloring is stunning at maturity Seal - černohnědá. RAG n (seal colorpoint), RAG n 04 (seal mitted), RAG n 03 (seal bicolor) Tělo je světle hnědé, směrem k břichu a hrudi se barva zesvětluje, odznaky jsou sytě černohnědé až černé. Nosík a polštářky na tlapkách jsou tmavě černohnědé. Barva seal je tzv. plná barva. Blue - modr

Bicolor Ragdoll Cats

Some colors like blue and seal you can see in a few days, other colors like lilac, chocolate and cinnamon may take 3 or 4 weeks to determine. By 8-12 weeks all of the colors are evident. But Ragdoll Patterns and Colors will continue to darken and come in for about 2 years Ragmeister Ragdolls -- kittens for sale, guaranteed healthy, Ragdoll book, happy customer reviews, Ragdoll history, blo

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Best of Breed: Ragdoll. Click on thumbnails for larger image. Best Ragdoll Of The Year IW BW SGC SNUGGLERAGS HUCKLEBERRY FINN SEAL POINT/MITTED Bred/Owned By: HEATHER SANDS. Best Ragdoll Kitten Of The Year IW BW SIEMPREAMAR LAMAR BLUE POINT/BICOLOR Bred/Owned By: MIRJAM SCHROEVERS. Best Ragdoll Alter Of The Year IW BW SGCA SNUGGLERAGS MARY. Seal Bicolor Ragdoll kitten on black background. Photo about copy, mesmerising, cute, background, frame, eyed, level, blue, breed, colorful, radiant, detailed. USA*Allstarrags Keona is a seal bicolor female. Oldal Frissítve / Updated: 2/MAY/ 2020 Infovonal: +36 70/620-2639 Kövessen minket a Facebookon és az Instagramon is ! e-mail: diamonddollsragdolls@gmail.co DOB 10/26/19 • Jewel is a Seal Bicolor. Bridget Lancioni's Breeders. Stormy, born 10/9/18, is a Seal Point with Blaze Ragdoll owned by Karey's business partner and mentee, Bridget Lancioni, Trabuco Canyon, CA

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We have for sale stunning Seal Bicolor Baby Boy. He is Tica active registered, breeding quality .He is friendly, curious and cuddly.He live with mum and another ragdoll cats. Mum is seal colourpoint Tica active registered . Dad is blue point mitted Tica active registered . Both parents health tested,Felv/Fiv negative. Good news Dakota is a handsome Seal Bicolor Male Ragdoll Kitten. His parents are Diana and Prince Eric and he was born on 5/15/2020 and will be ready to come home on 8/7/2020. Dakota is located in Texas and comes with a one year genetic guarantee (five year genetic guarantee optionally available), a three day all health guarantee, microchipped, dewormed, 30 day flea prevention, and all his kitte Seal Bicolor Ragdoll kitten on black background. Photo about pedigree, fluffy, isolated, kitten, pink, amazing, eyed, level, purebred, colorful, mesmerising, eyes. Traditional Seal Bicolor Ragdoll. Queen Happy Kingdom Composer Francesca Caccini of Nyfinestdolls (Elsa) Traditional Seal Point Ragdoll. Queen Rollingcreek Issa of Nyfinestdolls. Blue Sepia Bicolor Ragdoll. Queen Wepurralot Carlie of Nyfinestdolls. Traditional Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. King Rapture Pierce of Nyfinestdolls. Blue Sepia Classic Tabby. Další koťátka plánujeme v termínech níže. Termíny jsou pouze přibližné a přizpůsobují se situaci. Máte-li zájem o koťátko z naší CHS, můžete nás kdykoliv kontaktovat. V případě zájmu o koťátko napište, prosím, něco o vás, rádi odpovíme

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Ragdoll jsou uznané ve těch typech (mitted, colorpoint a bicolor) a devíti barvách (red, creme, lynx, tortie, torbie, seal, chocolate, blue, lilac). Colorpoint Kočky tohoto typu musí mít nohy, uši, ocas i masku sladěnou s trupem.Nos a polštářky na tlapách mají tmavé, zatímco náprsenka, bříško a hruď jsou světlejšího. chlapeček K...- seal mitted with blaze . Koťátka J'' narozena dne 24.6.2019 k odběru od konce září. Yasmine Helion x Ursini Superstar of Blue Miracle . holčička Jasmie - blue bicolor . holčička Julinka - seal bicolor . chlapeček Jarmín -seal bicolor

The Most Beautiful Purebred Ragdoll Cats & Kittens in Southern California. SoCal Ragdolls has been raising, breeding, and loving purebred Ragdoll cats for over half a decade. We are dedicated to producing the healthiest, friendliest, and most beautiful Ragdoll kittens anywhere in southern California Každá barva srsti se může vyskytnout také jako barva odznaků, u plemene ragdoll jsou povoleny různé barevné varianty: seal-, modrá-, čokoládová-, lila- a nově také red- a cream-point jsou typickými barvami čistokrevných koček. Seal-point: Základní barva je černá - ta se ale objevuje pouze na chladných bodech těla £1,200 *Ready to go new home now* We have for sale stunning Seal Bicolor Baby Boy. He is Tica active registered, breeding quality .He is friendly, curious and cuddly.He live with mum and another ragdoll cats. Mum is seal colourpoint Tica active registered . Dad is blue point mitted Tica active registered . Both parents health tested,Felv/Fiv negative. Good news: The Baby Boy is 13 weeks old. seal bicolor male Reserved for C. Murphy Make a secure payment on Paypal - Reserve your special Ragdoll kitten, place a $500 plus 2.9% fee, non-refundable deposit by clicking the button below to link to Paypal ♥ 6 ÚŽASNÝCH koťátek: -♥ Kaitlyn (Seal Mitted holčička) -♥ Katniss (Seal Mitted holčička) -♥ Kenzo (Seal Bicolor kocourek) -♥ Kendi (Seal Biclor kocourek) -♥ Kelwin (Seal Mitted kocourek) -♥ Kofi (Seal Mitted kocourek) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Více informací..

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Chov. stanice prodá krásná koťatka Ragdoll s PP. Koťatka jsou v barvě seal , blue mitted a bicolor. Očkovaná , odčervená socializovaná připravená jít do nových domovů. Kupní smlouva a chov. servis samozdřejmostí, prodám, na prode Healthy and playful kittens. So playful they are tear my home apart now. Seal flame tortie bicolor girl (p2-3)-$900 cat wand lover Seal lynx bicolor girl (p4-5)- $1600 shy observer Seal bicolor boy (p6-7)- $1600 SOLD leg hugger Seal bicolor boy (p8-9)- $1000 SOLD cat tree lover Date of birth: Sep 25, 2020 They can eat dry food and use cat litter

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More Info @ Available Ragdoll Babies> Ragdoll Kittens; Ragdoll Kittens for Sale; Ragdoll Breeders in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, ID, IA, KS, KY, LA, MA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NC, NV, NH, NY, NJ, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY; Ragdoll Cat Breeders; Traditional Ragdoll Kittens; Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Kittens; Seal Mitted. Maurice Ragdoll. 672 To se mi líbí. Allevamento di gatti Ragdoll. Maurice Candyfloss (Rag a 03) Kitten class 4/7 months 1^ giorno EX1, Nomination BIS, BIV, BIS assoluto, BOB 4e Premio speciale come miglior cucciolo nato in Italia offerto da Florence Lombardi 2^ giorno Ex1, Nomination BIS, BIV, BIS 4/ Nabízím k rezervaci čistokrevná koťátka ragdoll bez pp. Máme jednu holku a jednoho kluka. Otec je papírový v barvě seal bicolor mited, maminka ve výjimečném zbarvení chocolade bicolor. Při odběru budou 3×odčervení a 1×očkování, naučeni na WC a škrabadlo plně socializováni. Nabízím k rezervaci 3 kocourky ragdoll

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