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Sikafloor®-261 is a two part, multi purpose binder based on epoxy resin. Due to it's low viscosity, highly filled self-smoothing and broadcast systems as well as textured coatings, mortar screeds and seal coats can be produced. Total solid epoxy composition acc. to the test method Deutsche Bauchemie e.V Technický list Sikafloor ® 261 systém / strana 1/7 11/2002 www.sika-diamondfloor.cz Epoxidový nát ěr Sikafloor ® 261 systém a st ěrka Druh Sikafloor ® 261 je nízkoviskózní 2-komponentní pojivo na bázi epoxidové prysky řice pro samonivela ční st ěrky a povrstvení s prosypem Sikafloor 261 - 10 L - RAL 7038 AGATE GREY. Sika #168750 Add Favourite. Add To Favourites At the leading edge of technology, Sikafloor 261CA is a two-component, solvent and silicone-free, low-viscosity, self-priming, high-strength pigmented epoxy resin binder. Features & Benefits Sikafloor®-265 is a two component, high solids and elastomeric epoxy for use as a flexible membrane. Sikafloor®-265 is a true elastomer for use as a seamless, waterproofing membrane for floor and wall applications. This unique polymer system maximizes flexibility and elongation to provide excellent crack bridging capabilities

Sikafloor®-264 must be thoroughly mixed using a low speed electric stirrer (300 - 400 rpm) or other suitable equipment. For the preparation of mortars use a forced action mixer of rotating pan, paddle or trough type. Free fall mixers should not be used. APPLICATION Sikafloor Garage Ral 7032 garážový nátěr vhodný pro všechny minerální podklady Matný, vodou ředitelný barevný nátěr na minerální podklady, na bázi epoxid. pryskyřic . Vhodný jako hladký nátěr i jako pečeti Sikafloor®-161 is designed as a primer for Sikafloor epoxy and urethane coatings, as well as for broadcast and troweled systems. When used as a primer Sikafloor®-161 can be considered where ≤4 % moisture content by mass (pbw - part by weight) is measured on concrete substrate with Tramex® CME/CMExpert type concrete moisture meter Sikafloor-264 je 2-komponentní, barevný nátěr (šedá - odstín RAL 7032) na bázi epoxidové pryskyřice. Použití. nátěr na betonové a cementové podklady u ploch normálně až středně těžce namáhaných, jako jsou např. únikové cesty, výrobní prostory, skladové haly, garáže, dílny a nakládací ramp

Sikafloor® 261CA 09 67 00 Fluid-Applied Flooring 9-404 Construction product data Sheet Edition 03.2010/v1 CSC Master FormatTM 09 67 00 Sikafloor® 261CA Sikafloor® 261CA Highly Versatile, Epoxy Resin Binder for 7 Floor Finish System Sikafloor 264 N is a two component, solvent free, high building coating and seal coat. An economic, coloured epoxy applied by roller for concrete and cement screeds with normal up to heavy wear. It also comes in a vast array of colours to suit your aesthetic needs Sikafloor® 261 Sikafloor ® 261 1/7 C o n s t r u c t i o n 2-komponentní epoxidový samonivelaní, prosypávaný a strukturovaný nátr, maltový potr a uzavírací nátr Popis výrobku Sikafloor® 261 je nízkoviskózní 2-komponentní pojivo na bázi epoxidové pryskyice pro samonivelaní strky a povrstvení s prosypem. Neobsahuje.

Installation of Sikafloor® 160 epoxy mortar into Sikafloor 160 primer, ground, vacuumed and sealed with two coats of Sikafloor® 264. Sikafloor® 160 is a gene.. Sikafloor®-264 28.04.16, Edición 1 1/9 HOJA TÉCNICA Sikafloor®-264 Resina epóxica bicomponente de color, para diferentes tipos de acabados DESCRIPCIÓN DEL PRODUCTO Sikafloor®-264 es una resina epóxica bicomponente de color, libre de solventes, económica y de baja viscosidad

Before applying Sikafloor®-304 W/-305 W/ -2540 W on Sikafloor®-264 N, the surface must be prepared by abrading with a red or black scotch brite pad. Do not apply Sikafloor®-264 N on substrates with rising moisture. Do not blind the primer. Freshly applied Sikafloor®-264 N must be protected from damp, condensation and water for at least 24. Usage Sikafloor®-3 QuartzTop provides a hard wearing, mineral dry shake topping for monolithic floors. When sprinkled and trowelled into fresh wet concrete floors, it forms a wear resistant smooth surface.Typical uses are in warehouses, factories, shopping malls, public areas, where wear durable and wear resistant floor is the key requirement Sikafloor® PurCem Gloss, polyurethane / cementitious hybrids, is the new generation of functional flooring solutions from Sika. It is sustainable and user fr..

Sikafloor 261 - 10 L - RAL 7038 AGATE GREY NC

Sikafloor 261 HOJA TÉCNICA DE PRODUCTO PISO EPÓXICO DE BAJA VISCOSIDAD, LIBRE DE SOLVENTES DESCRIPCIÓN DEL PRODUCTO Hoja técnica de producto Sikafloor 261 Edición N°2 04-2014 Documento N° 010811020020000009 Polímero de dos (2) componentes con base en resina epóxica de baja viscosidad, libre de solventes Sika Australia Pty Ltd. 55 Elizabeth Street Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164 Phone: +61 2 9725 1145 Fax: +61 2 9725 2605 ABN 12 001 342 32 Flooring is the most important feature in any building to make it beautiful, practical and add a sense of personality. The floor is the finishing touch and the material most touched by the regular user of any building, structure or home

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Sikafloor® 161 . Sikafloor ® 161 1/5 Construction Sikafloor® 161 2-komponentní epoxidová penetrace,vyrovnávací malta, mezivrstva a maltový potěr . Popis výrobku : Sikafloor® 161 je ekonomická, 2-komponentní, bez rozpouštědel, nízkoviskózní epoxidová pryskyřice. Použití Sikafloor® Broadcast Mixture 0.3-0.8 Produktdatenblatt PDF - 344 KB (de) Sicherheitsdatenblatt PDF - 261 KB (de Sikafloor Vyrovnávací malta jemná (je-li potřeba) Sikafloor ®-161. viz technické listy. Válečkovaný nátěr. Sikafloor®-264. 0.25 - 0.3 kg/m² na vrstvu. Prosypávaný systém (tloušťka vrstvy 4 mm) 1 díl Sikafloor ®-263 SL + 1 díl křemičitého písku (0.1 - 0.3 mm) + prosyp křemičitým pískem 0.4 - 0.7 mm +uzavírací. Sikafloor®-2 SynTop splňuje požadavky podle CSN EN 13813 na potěrové materiály a podlahové potěry: CT-C70-F7-AR0,5. 428,90 Kč 469,00 Kč -8.55% Zobrazi

Sikafloor 261 Thixo Part B SAFETY DATA SHEET Product Description 2 component textured, solvent free epoxy based floor coating Manufacturer/Supplier Product Name Sikafloor 261 Thixo Part B Product Code SKFL261TB Date of issue - 04/04/2002. SKFL261TB Sika Limited Watchmead Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire. AL7 1BQ tel. 01707 394444 Fax. 01707 32912 Sikafloor-263SL is a two part, multi-purpose binder which is based on an epoxy resin. It provides an economic means of providing a easily applied and economic and floor with good chemical and mechanical resistance with a gloss finish. Best Uses. Sika Sikafloor-263SL is used as self-smoothing and broadcast systems for concrete and cement screeds. 5 Sikafloor ® 261 ID 5/5 Legal Notes The information, and, in particular, the recommendations relating to the application and end-use of Sika products, are given in good faith based on Sika's current knowledge and experience of the product when properly stored, handled and applied under normal conditions in accordances with Sika' Produktdatenblätter (PDS) PDF - 261 KB (de) Sikafloor Multicryl Plus_07/13 Leistungserklärung PDF - 169 KB (de Sikafloor® 261CA 09 67 00 Fluid-Applied Flooring 9-400 Construction description ®At the leading edge of technology, Sikafloor 261CA is a two-component, solvent and silicone-free, low-viscosity, self-priming, high- strength pigmented epoxy resin binder used for: Smooth finish coating Thixo coating (textured

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Outgassing emission certificate Sikafloor-264 ZA: CSM Statement of . Qualification - ISO 14644-8, class 6,5 - Report No. SI 0904-480. Good biological Resistance in accordance with ISO 846, CSM Report No. 1008-533 . Fire classification in accordance with EN 13501-1, Report-No. 2007-B-0181/16, MPA Dresden, Germany, February 2007 Sikafloor®-161 HC is an economic, two part, solvent free, low viscosity epoxy resin. USES Sikafloor®-161 HC may only be used by experienced professionals. For priming concrete substrate, cement screeds and epoxy mortars For low to medium absorbent substrates Primer for the Sikafloor®-263 SL HC and Sikafloor®-264 HC economic flooring system Sika Worldwide What is your Region and Language Sikafloor 264 RAL 2000 Pack (20 kg) Sikafloor -264 2-component epoxy for mortars autonivelantes (smooth, dry espolvoreados or textural), mortars and coatings use: For the realization of base layers, coatings and sealants smooth sealed for coatings of cement concrete and subjected to loads medías e.g. storage areas and meeting, maintenance, garages workshops and loading ramps Sikafloor®-400 N Elastic Datum revize 06.09.2019 Verze 9.4 Datum vytištění 09.09.2019 Země 000000100532 3 / 19 dibutylcín-dilaurát 2.3 Další nebezpečnost Látka/směs neobsahuje složky považované buď za perzistentní, bioakumulativní a toxické (PBT)

EPOXIDOVÝ NÁTĚR Sikafloor Garage RAL 7032 6k

Sikafloor®-400 N Elastic Fel lvizsgálat dátuma 31.07.2018 Verzió 5.0 Nyomtatás Dátuma 31.07.2018 Ország HU 000000100532 3 / 19 221-453-2 p-tert-butylphenyl 1-(2,3-epoxy)propyl ether 247-094-1 hexahidrometilftálsav-anhidrid 201-039-8 dibutyltin dilaurate 2.3 Egyéb veszélye Shil Technologies Private Limited - Offering Sikafloor 261, Packaging Type: Drum, Packaging Size: 20 Kg in Vadodara, Gujarat. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 2052256067 Description Sikafloor 261 is a 2-component solvent free pigmented epoxy resin based flooring system. The material can be classified into three systems: 1. Sikafloor-261: a high build roll on coat 2. Sikafloor-261 SL: a smooth self levelling floor topping system 3. Sikafloor-261 NS: an anti-slip self levelling floor topping syste Sikafloor®-261 is a two part, multi purpose binder based on epoxy resin. Due to it's low viscosity, highly filled self-smoothing and broadcast systems as well as textured coatings, mortar screeds and seal coats can be produced. Uses Screeds, coatings and layers for concrete and cement screeds with normal u Sikafloor®-261 Thixo 1 1/7 C o n s t r u c t i o n Sikafloor®-261 Thixo 2-part epoxy textured roller and seal coat Product Description Sikafloor®-261 Thixo is a two part, solvent free coloured epoxy resin with thixotropic properties. Uses Coloured, textured and slip resistant coatings for production areas, storage and assembly halls or.

Before applying Sikafloor®-359 N on Sikafloor®-375/ -350 N/ -326/ -261 broadcast allow: Substrate temperature. Minimum. Maximum +10 °C. 24 hours * +20 °C. 12 hours * +30 °C. 6 hours * Times are approximate and will be affected by changing ambient conditions particularly temperature and relative humidity Sikafloor® 261 Thixo Solvent Free Textured Coloured Epoxy Coating Technical Data Sheet DESCRIPTION Sikafloor 261 Thixois a two component textured, coloured solvent free epoxy floor coating. It can be used to create textured coatings for medium duty use in industry as a coating to concrete and cementitious screeds. USES * Manufacturing areas

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Sikafloor® -261 4/4 CleanCleaniningg Implements must be cleaned at once with Colma-Cleaner or Thinner C. Fully cured material can only be removed mechanically. Clean hands and skin intensively with warm soap water. Pot-life Temperature (°C) +10 +20 +30 Time (Min) 60 30 1 Sikafloor Multicryl Plus, EN 13813 DoP PDF - 261 KB (de) Sikafloor Multicryl Plu

Sikafloor 264 - podlahový nátěr pro výrobní haly

Tento nátěr odolává lehkému až střednímu mechanickému a malému chemickému zatížení - vhodný pro garáže, prádelny, dílny, kotelny. Pro prostory s vyšším mechanickým a chemickým zatížením máme připravený materiál Sikafloor ®-261 - 2 komponentní víceúčelový epoxidový nátěr a stěrka. Podlahy v interiér Coating: e.g. Sikafloor ®-261 / -381 N / -390 * only necessary for strongly absorbent substrates. 3 Res iplot 3/5 Substrate Quality Concrete substrates must be sound and of sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N/mm 2) with a minimum pull off strength of 1.5 N/mm 2 Sikafloor® Pronto, Sikafloor®-261/263 SL, Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem®. Bez rozpouštědel, odolný UV záření. Možné probarvovat pigmentovou pastou Sika®-Pronto Pigment. Spotřeba:1-2x 0,5-0,8 kg/m2.+ tužidlo. Dávkování tužidla v závislosti na teplotě. Sikafloor-17 Pronto SikaMelt®-9170 10kg . víceúčelové termoplastické montážní lepidlo s vysokou počáteční pevností. SikaMelt® -9170 je vyráběn v souladu s normami systému kvality ISO 9001/14001 a v souladu s programem « Responsible Care » Sikafloor 261 Sikafloor 261 - MAFIADOC . Liên hệ : 0911.927.477 (ms mai) vữa tự san bằng gốc epoxy bộ 25 kg giá rẻ tại tphcm cửa hàng sika gốc epoxy chính hãng tại củ chi sika sikafloor 81 epoce У261, У262, У263, У267, У268

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Sikafloor 264 N Coloured Epoxy Seal Coat Rawlins Paint

  1. SIKAFLOOR-261 Primaire : SIKAFLOOR-156 (env. 0,5 kg / m²), Couche de masse : SIKAFLOOR-261 chargé au ratio de 1/1 de sable de quartz de granulométrie 0,08-0,25 mm (env. 4 kg de mélange / m²), saupoudré à refus de quartz coloré (env. 6kg / m²), Finition : SIKAFLOOR-162 (0,4 à 0,6 kg / m² suivant le degré d'antidérapanc
  2. Sika Poland Sp. z o.o. Tel. +48 22 31 00 700 ul. Karczunkowska 89 Fax +48 22 31 00 800 02-871 Warszawa e-mai
  3. Epoxidová penetrace Sikafloor 161 Epoxidová penetrace sikafloor je 2-komponentní nízkoviskózní epoxidové pojivo s obsahem pryskyřice. Hlavní přínosy epoxidové penetrace sikafloor 161 je vysoká mechanická pevnost, krátká doba vysychání, snadné dávkování a hodí se i v případě zvýšené vlhkosti, má vynikající přídržnost i na vodou nasyceném betonu, epoxidová.
  4. Sikafloor®-359 was used as the sealer coat in this system as well. In both areas the prepared concrete surfaces were primed with Sikafloor®-156.The ramps were coated with multi purpose Sikafloor®-261. Sikafloor®-261 was used for the broadcast wearing layer and also as the hard wearing top sealing coat, because the ramps ar
  5. Všechny informace o produktu Penetrace Penetrace epoxidová na beton Sikafloor 161, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Penetrace epoxidová na beton Sikafloor 161

DDC Services installs Sikafloor 160 & Sikafloor 264, Epoxy

  1. Sikafloor®-400 N Elastic+ Datum revize 24.07.2019 Verze 9.0 Datum vytištění 21.08.2019 Země 000000108831 3 / 19 2.3 Další nebezpečnost Látka/směs neobsahuje složky považované buď za perzistentní, bioakumulativní a toxické (PBT), nebo za vysoce perzistentní a vysoce bioakumulativní (vPvB) v koncentraci 0,1 % či vyšší
  2. Sikafloor®-3 QuartzTo
  3. Professional application of Sikafloor-260 PurCem Glossy in
  4. Sikafloor®-161 H
  5. Sikafloor 261 - MAFIADOC

Sikafloor 261 - Superior Coating

  1. Sikafloor 261 10L Part B NC
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